Eshlar Naming Conventions

Eshlar names should encapsulate something of what, in their minds, makes them great. There is a bit of grandiosity to each Eshlar name. Sometimes it is simple or subdued. Other times it is grand or even royal. But every Eshlar recognizes the value of a name. Besides, who wants the placard to read "monument by Shecky"?

As a whole they are a proud and meticulous people. It would follow that their names are firm and dignified.

When searching for sounds for Eshlar I start right up top with the letters A-E. I imagine the Eshlar to have a very mellifluous language, smooth and resonant. Therefore I incorporate a lot of ah sounds (as in "calm" of "father") as well as long o's (as in "hope" or "boat") and other similar vowel sounds. These vowel forms have a long and breathy feel to them, like they should be sung (think of an exaltant church hymn). When coupled with alternating hard and soft consonants they never fail to form really "big" sounding names, befitting an Eshlar:




I think the Eshlar would value names with presence like that. An easy way to make such names is to take the open vowel sounds mentioned above and just alternate them with consonants, always keeping vowels and consonants seperate, as in the examples above. Of course, you can couple consonants for soft sounds and some more variety, but I think by and large the names will be very big and hard sounding. They are, after all, rock people:




When brainstorming names for the Eshlar, use words from their atmosphere and their demeanor: solid, rock, hard, and less lame ones as well. :)

Good suffixes for Eshlar are










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