Cavolon Naming Conventions

The Cavolon are weird, even by Atrian standards. I imagine the other species would be a little put off by the Cavolon and their eccentricities. This would be exacerbated by the Cavolon's desire to not be known. Their M.O. requires a good deal of personal obfuscation and their society is draped in a shroud of esoterica. All of this, of course, should be represented in their names.

That is not to say their names should be unreadable jibberish, or require multiple punctuation marks. They need to be weird, but good weird.

This is why for Cavolon names I start at the end of the alphabet, where all the weird letters are. V through Z is a great range for the Cavolon. For further weirdness points, I substitute a lot of "i"s with "y"s, and throw in double letters where they're not totally confusing. Again, it's important that while they are weird they still are a recognizable name:




I imagine the Cavolon would have a chittering, garbled, mumbly speech and so the names I make up tend to reflect that.

Also, I tend to lean towards more feminine sounding names for Cavolon:



I don't stick with suffixes as much with Cavolon as I do for the other species. I think they would shy away from such a concrete naming convention and instead just gravitate towards weird sounds. I think the common "y" in the names acts as as much of an identifier as suffixes do for other species. But still I tend to use a few suffixes over and over for the Cavolon:





-iss (also Lokai)




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