Tyrusin Naming Conventions

First, I think names need to be kept as short and concise as possible. One or two syllables is ideal. Anything over three and readers tend to gloss over it. It has to be very solid to be over three. Something like "Karanazar". Something that flows or has a hook like that, and has an obvious pronunciation.

For each species, I focus on a range of letters. For the Tyrusin it's from F to M. This is where I start when searching for sounds of the syllables. I use a lot of Gs and Ks in particular, with lots of Ds and Ts also. D, G, K, and T all have that solid consonant snap to them, and it fits with my vision of the Tyrusin. I imagine their speech would be punctuated with lots of barky, snappy sounds like that. And maybe some growls, so A, E and R are good too.

On top of all that, it's gotta sound like what it's representing. That's where you look at the individual and see what fits. For Tyrusin most of them are going to be strong sounding, or ferocious:




Maybe they are more primative, tribal Tyrusin. So make them even more basic:




Sometimes you can just pick a word that is a fitting desciptor of what you want to name and start from there. Take the word "Ruthless" and just brainstorm off it:




I use words like this a lot. If you play around with words and dice them up you can always find something interesting.

These are the common suffixes I have for Tyrusin.










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Tyrusin Naming Conventions

Last updated: January 12, 2005

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