Lokai Naming Conventions

When I was trying to think of what Lokai speech might sound like, I thought alot about their environment. You can imagine the brush of windswept sand and the soft pad of footfalls across the dunes, the skitter of a chitinous appendange across a sunbleached flat or the rustle of leather against a Lokai shell. Naturally this would be represented in the Lokai's vocabulary.

Their words and speech would be full of light and transient sounds with lots of soft consonant compounds and so forth. Ss, th, and ff sounds abound along with rr's.

I think the Lokai, while possibly soft spoken and monastic in many respects, would share with Eshlar an appreciation for the grandiose when it comes to names. They are an achievement oriented people.

I go to the L through S range when looking for Lokai sounds. But, as mentioned before, I lean heavily toward soft sounds:






They're noble sounding and soft. I think they would stay away from hard sounds like solid T's, K's, D's or P's.

For suffixes I go for:













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