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Atriarch is still in development.  Yet, you can still participate in an active online community.  Meet new friends or join with old ones.

We have events for brand new people as well as for veterans of the Atriarch Community.  Don't be shy!  Everyone is welcome and it is really simple!  These events are turning out to be a lot of fun :-)

If you decide to participate, you will automatically earn Atriarch Points.  You don't have to win; you just have to participate, although the winner does get a bonus :-)

You can redeem Atriarch Points in for prizes or beta testing slots.  Or you can just participate for the fun of it.  The choice is yours!

Event Results - This is where all the contest entries are posted, including the winner.

Atriarch Points - At any time you can check how many Atriarch and Atrios Points you have accumulated as well as everyone else.  Anyone is invited to participate.  There is no signing up necessary.  Just participate!

Prizes - When you accumulate enough points, you can turn them in for prizes.  Prizes are here.

Event 1. Atriarch Glossary Event:

New Atriarch Community Event: Everyone is welcome to participate in Atriarch's most recent Community Event: The Atriarch Glossary.  You can earn Atriarch and Atrios Points just by emailing in an Atriarch term and definition to be used in Official Atriarch Glossary.  Rules and Guidelines are below.

Everyone who participates will receive Atriarch and Atrios Points redeemable for Prizes.  Extra Atriarch Points will be given as prizes for special categories, for example, most obscure, yet relevant, Atriarch term and definition.

Event Rules: To participate email an Atriarch-specific term and definition that is already officially in use to herok@atwatcher.com. Atriarch terms are all over this site, on discussion boards and on fansites.

  • Everyone who participates will automatically receive an Atriarch Point.
  • A person who submits any term and definition accepted for use in the glossary will receive 25 Atrios points for every term.
  • Send one email for each term.
  • Put in the subject of the email: AT Glossary: <term>
  • Term must already officially be in use.
  • No definition that is already published in any current Atriarch Glossary will qualify.  It must either be a term not already documented in a glossary, or a new and improved definition of a current word.
  • Text only please.

If you have any questions, please email herok@atwatcher.com

Community Event Inspiration: The book, The Professor and the Madman, is the about the origin of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).  The massive compilation of words and definitions that comprise the more than 20 volumes of the OED were gathered by volunteers from all around the world.  Millions of words and definitions were mailed on index cards and sorted through by Professor James Murray, editor of the OED.  The single largest contributor was,  Dr. Minor, a retired American army surgeon and Civil War veteran, who was locked up in an Asylum for the criminally insane after murdering a man in London.

This story of the OED inspired me to begin our own Atriarch Dictionary Compilation Event.  The current Atriarch Glossary is incomplete.  So what better way to bring it up to date than through a community event? 

Have fun and thanks for participating!

This event has expired.

Event 2. Atriarch Survivor: Hosted on Stratics IRC, this is an Atriarch Trivia game where you compete against other teams and vote people off your own team.  The lone Survivor wins Atriarch Points.  Some familiarity with Atriarch does in fact help with this event.  This is an ongoing event scheduled by Atriarch Stratics.

***Important READ*** This point system is void wherever prohibited by law.  Points have no monetary value whatsoever.  Nor do the points have any value whatsoever other than redeemable for what is described in our Prize Section.  Atriarch Points can be added or subtracted for any reason at any time at the discretion of an Authorized Atriarch Team Member.

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