Atriarch will facilitate player formed groups called, factions (also known as guilds or clans in other games).

Faction - a group of characters that officially band together for a common purpose or cause.  There will be Major and Minor Factions.

Atriarch - a leader of an empire and Major Faction on the world of Atriana;

Atrios -  is a the leader of a Minor Faction.   Atriarch is the title only bestowed upon those who reach the status of major faction. 

Major Factions will only be achievable in the actual game and not before.  The development staff will start as the Atriarch's when the game releases.  You will have a chance to take them over then.  It is possible. *evil grin*

Reasons to Start a Minor Faction

Several people have inquired about the requirements for founding an official minor faction even before testing begins.  If you are considering starting or joining a faction, then following may be some of  your  reasons:

  • You want to help build a foundation from which to role-play alien characters from Atriana.

  • You want to contribute to the game early enough in the process to have an influence on the design.

  • You want to meet new gamers with a common interest.

  • You want to name your faction before all the good names eventually get taken by someone else.

  • You just can't wait until the game is ready to test.  You want to live the story now.

Requirements to Start a Minor Faction*

Each Minor Faction must submit a Charter to World Fusion for approval to become an official faction.  Only factions that adhere strictly to the Atriarch world will be considered.

Maintainting an immersive world should be a priority of any minor faction.

The Charter should include:

  1. Name of faction
  2. Purpose of faction
  3. Faction logo
  4. Minor Leader's real name, character name, species, email
  5. List real names, character names, species, emails of a minimum of five members (a Being may belong to only one faction)
  6. Web site address (an active web site must be maintained)
  7. Stipulate membership requirements - declare the requirements for joining your faction (for example, whether  or not open to all species)
  8. Location of faction's home base on Atriana
  9. Recent history of how and why the faction was formed
  10. Declare allies, enemies, neutral, etc.
  11. Write a code of conduct for faction members
  12. Faction members must champion a single game design concept - (for example, if you are a merchant's faction, then you would be expected to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various economic models or trading models in various games)

If you have a faction that you would like to have considered during Atriarch's development, then email us at    You may submit any or all of the Charter described above to begin the process.

*Some of these requirements will change for "in-game" factions.

Last Updated: November 28, 2003

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