Event Results

Below are links to the Results, Submissions, and Winners of the various Community Events and Contests

Creature Sound Contest:  Go here for a description of the contest and list of winners.  The entries were judged by, MRI, Atriarch's Lead Composer and Sound Designer.  Each winning entry recieves 3 Atriarch points and each  honorable mention 1. Each entry, regardless of whether they won or not, also recieved 25 Atrios points.

Write the Official Ending to the Pikatan Story Contest:  Participants were asked to write the ending to a story about the Unarra and the Pikatan beast.  Congratulations to Phinehas for winning.  You can read all the entries and honorable mentions here.  (Participants = 1 Atriarch Point; Winner = 10 Atriarch Points)

Community Story Event: Four Atriarch fansites participated in a writing an original story.  Participants wrote the story on the discussion board, each person contributing only one sentence at a time.  It is like a chain story. Each person builds on the previous person's sentence.  The stories are a lot of fun.  You can read the results to the Atriarch Stratics Story, Crossroads of Atriana Story, Atriarch Vault Story, and Atriarch LaSource.  (Participants = 25 Atrios Points per sentence up to a maximum of 100 Atrios Points per board)

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