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Lokai Continent

Lokai Continent

~118,338 km2 (~71,003 miles2) Desert Terrain; Dunes; Volcanoes; Sandy

The Torpor Storm reveals five cities located at the Lokai Pole.

Map of the Lokai Pole

Orescent (aka: The Circle City; also means "star") is tactically built upon a large dune to prevent attacks from the more aggressive species.  Afton, Atriarch of the Lokai, lives here.   It is a center of commerce and trade.

Gentar, named after the Moon of Frost, is a wayward town inhabited by less scrupulous species.  Almost anything in Gentar can be bought for a price.  Most Lokai stay clear of this place, except when needing the service of the notorious Guides.

Mantar, named after the Moon of Fury, is the center of mapping technology.  Deep in the Mantar Tunnels is a unique substance used by the Lokai to make navigational devices.

Devar, named after the Moon of Fire, is a solemn and holy place.  The Entrop's hut is not far from here.   Lokai perform many tranditional ceremonies at the Fire Pits of Devar.

Altoos, named after the Sun, is supple and rich in resources.  It is an oasis amidst the desert.  Altoos is the place for Lokai to prepare for an exploration.  Quality equipment, supplies and natural resources are in abundance here.

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