World Fusion Announces New Persistent World: Atriarch

World Fusion is currently developing, Atriarch, a 3-D, massively-multiplayer, online, persistent role-playing & strategy game based on the alien and organic world of Atriana.

On the world of Atriana, everything is alive. Atriarch will provide an original and rich environment for players to engage and explore. Atriarch will offer players the ability to develop an alien character while affecting the environment, economy, landscape, and politics of this immersive and "live" multiplayer, online game.

"Atriarch represents the next-generation of online games," states Serafina, President and Lead Game Designer at World Fusion. "The online games available now fall short of their potential. Our goal for Atriarch is to take the best elements from several game types and innovate and integrate them into a compelling and dynamic alien world."

Following are some unique features to Atriarch that you will not find in other online, persistent games.

  • Play an alien humans allowed.
  • Breed new species.
  • Build structures, real-time in the game.
  • Lead an army.
  • Construct a city; build an empire.
  • Inspire followers.
  • Reproduce.
  • Uncover the mysteries of Atriarch's epic history.
  • Ride creatures that fly.
  • Become an Atriarch.

Beyond those unique features, Atriarch will also provide:

  • Support for player-formed factions (aka: guilds; clans).
  • One smooth continuous and round game world. (No "transition" areas.)
  • In-game communication between players.
  • Realistic physics simulation.
  • First-person perspective with option to change perspective.
  • Original story.
  • Custom 3-D engine supporting software-only rendering and 3-D acceleration.
  • Multiple solutions to every dilemma.
  • Unique terrain and environment.

Atriarch is a massively-multiplayer, online game (aka: persistent world; mega-player game; mmog). This means that thousands of players can play the same game at the same time in the same world "live" 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Everything a player does in Atriarch will "persist." For example, you can build structures in the game. Your structures are visible to every other player in the game as well. If you stop playing and come back to it days later, the structure will still be there (assuming no one has destroyed it in your absence).

A release date for Atriarch will be given during closed beta testing.

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Last updated: November 28, 2003

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