This story is about Mellor the Lokai mastering tamingand teaching his spawn

some about it being tought by some of the best unnaran.He decided to be a

tamer. His insides always turned toward the creatures ofatriana. This shows a

person's Destiny is not bound by schools, castes, labsand everything most

other lokai are. He feels the yurning to be Unique....


The thundering paused every few minutes; the air roseheavy in anticipation of

the next assault upon the soil. The rhythm wasfamiliar to the groups of Lokai

tending to the various tasks of the day. Someeven used the noise to jolt them

back awake after falling asleep from a nightspent playing too many games of

hyra. Atlak hated how the dust was stirred intothe air, how his feet vibrated

afterward and caused him to pause in his work torecover. Tynel Mellor and

Tynel Atlak were lashing groups of vines together for thetrainers' use.

Mellor marveled at his spawn's ability to work single-mindedly,and had

praised Atlak on many occasions at the amount he could accomplish inone day,

even in comparison to such experienced workers as Mellor himself.

Mellor had hoped the long day would slow therelentless questions from his

curious spawn, but such was not the case. Atlakpaused only long enough to

voice his frustration with the rippling groundswells experienced while taming

the Pikatan. Atlak turned his attention back toMellor and continued probing, &

quot;...but if Tallic had such obvious talentand empathy with the beasts why

did the Tresed relinquish him to apprenticestatus for so long? Is that why he

left? Some say you were friends. Whatwas..."

"We are still friends." Mellor was thankfulfor the growing tremors

of the Pikatan. "That is enough about Tallic fortoday my progeny; the

taming exercises have begun."

Upset that his questioning had ceased, Atlak tried notto cough as the dust

kicked up around him. "Of all the creatures, what isso sacred about the

Pikatan anyway?" Atlak's scowl grew deeper and darkerwith every leap and

hard landing of the Pikatan.

Mellor was amused. "Keep that up, Atlak, and yourface will become etched

like that."

"Just once, I would like to stomp through theirvalley and disrupt them

while they are trying to get work done."

"I suppose you would also want to be revered asthe Sacred Atlak too then?

" Mellor smiled. "Perhaps you would teachthe Lokai about the

patience of taming as well?"

The reprimand was enough to keep young Atlak fromcontinuing to outwardly show

his distaste for the Sacred Pikatan. Atlak justgrumbled to himself as clouds

of dust mushroomed into the air not far fromwhere they worked. However, the

thunderous quakes caused by the Pikatan didn'tstop this time. A telepathic

warning was sent to all nearby, but Atlak wasdistracted by the sudden and

chaotic rearing of the Pikatan. Something waswrong.

Most of the Pikatan were rounded up before any largeamounts of damage were

done. Yet, one crazed animal, its eyes rolling in itsskull, careened forward

with its strange loping leaps, dodging all attempts atcapture. Atlak's

insides churned, a mix of ice and painful heat as he looked upto see a

silhouette of a figure on a near-distant hill. Atlak began to screameven

before Mellor was trampled then Atlak grabbed Mellor on his shoulder and

tried to run for it. But then the shadowyfigure came and electrified all the

pikatan. He was a tyrusin! Very very bigand must be a hero. Maybe even the

atriarch. But before Atlak could say thankshe was gone. Atlak carried Mellor

to the village but it was too late. Mellorbled to death about half way down

the path to town. Atlak gave him a privatefuneral and a simple burrial place

by the tree they both use to play by. Atlakthen said "You are the

greatest teacher of all time Mellor....I shallnever forget you.." He

took his LifeStaff and stuck it in the middle ofhis grave. Years later him

and many others built a shrine around his restingplace with the top revealing

the beautiful sky among the tree that Mellor lay.His LifeStaff Never Removed

and his soul at rest forever. He saved Atlak's lifeand his lifestaff had so

many journeys. Even after his death he taught. Manyyoung lokai would come to

the musuem and learn of his journeys and be taught somany lessons. Mellor was

a great person. He taught intill he died and evenafter that taught to

thousands of young children. He found the Shrine ofMellor. A measeum to honor

many great heros. Then Atlak old from his lifeadventures closed the Book he

was reading to the young children. The childrenthen went to the measuem and

wow'ed at Mellor's adventures. Mellor then aspirit above his grave smiled

warmly at the children as the sun smiled warmlyamong them all......