Before Mellor heaved his last breath, he drew his spawn closer to tell 
him of a legend that has been passed down many Salvods. The legend was a 
very old one known by many Unarra elders. It proclaimed of a Unarra who 
would one day tame the mighty Balasar, the eldest, biggest, and greatest of 
Pikatan that plauged many inhabitants of the Eshlar continent. Mellor 
stretched ou this withered, shaky arm and bestowed upon his spawn, Atlak, a 
bright orb of glowing green light.
"Remember this, my little spawn, that as long as you hold love in your 
heart, and rememberance, this orb shall grow brighter and brighter, and give 
you willpower that is triggered from memories." Mellor gasped for air and 
gazed into his crying spawn's eyes, dying in his own shaking arms. This 
would be a memory that would remain in Atlak's memory as his most sorrowful 
of days.
The dim campfire was the only one that could be seen on the horizon for 
many miles. The thin gray smoke streamed into the purplish-orange hued sky, 
colored by the miraculous sunset. The ritual burial was performed on the 
day after Mellor's death. The dance of sorry and tragedy was being danced 
by 5 Unarras around the fire, who were decked in ceremonial attire. Atlak 
stepped away from the thatched huts and exhaled the fresh, cold air as it 
chilled the tears from his eyes. Atlak stepped to the canyon and sat upon 
the rock that was used for mass gatherings. As his feet kicked small 
pebbles into the canyon, the echo rang loudly in Atlak's head, and sounded 
as if it were large sonds of the Pikatan's footsteps. Oh, how he now 
loathed the Pikatans. He decided to seek out the mighty Balasar and kill it 
as a type of revenge offering.
His quest began in the early morning. The sun of Atriana had just 
peeked over the horizon, as if waiting in anticipation for the traveler. 
Atlak packed only a few provisions, money, and taming supplies. Atlak 
mounted his Clyft and then turned his gaze to his home. He was an orphan 
now, and shed more tears by the remembrance of his lost father. He gave ths 
Clyft the signal to start on the long journey to seek out Balasar.
Moss was crushed underneath the mighty Clyft's feet as it came to a 
halt. Two of the three moons were visible and could be seen through the 
trees of a forest. Atlak leapt off of his Clyft and fastened it to a post 
outside of the bar. He stood outside of the entrance and gazed up to see in 
big letters: The Shop of Bos. He sought out the benevolance of the famous 
bar/shop/restaurant/inn owner. Atlak entered the double doors and stepped 
into the alcohol-heavy atmosphere. Atlak gazed around the bar and saw many 
well-known inhabitants of Atriana. At the table to the farthest left of te 
bar had Sarvaartha (Sarvaartha is Mr_Spam's soon to be ingame character) and 
Trewit holding ht edily arm-wrestling match. For the 28th time that year 
Trewit ripped Sarvaartha's arm from its socket and let out a triumphant war 
Atlak proceded forward to the alcohol-soaked bar and ordered up a fresh 
beer. A burly looking Tryusin loaded a sparkly glass up and set it on the 
counter. "Probably a local native," thought Atlak. Then he saw the mighty 
Eshlar known as Bos, who was looking through a telescope that he had built 
In the back room, Atlak could see Bowen and Winter_Jet passed out on a 
bench. Atlak then asked Bos the question about Balasar that plauged his 
"Well," answered Bos, "I would normally refer to someone to Bowen back 
there, but he's got a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 98%. Instead ask the 
mighty Guru of Knowledge, Soralis. He's meditating over there on a pillow 
next to Winter_Jet.
Atlak entered through the beaded curtain and found Winter_Jet passed 
out on the oak bench. Apparently, Winter_Jet and Bowen had a drinking 
contest. Atlak found Soralis still meditating and disturbd him from his 
enlightened state. "Ahhhh, so it's the mighty Balasar you seek? He dwells 
just north of the Pylos Forest."
Atlak thanked Soralis for the information and then thanked Bos. Atlak 
proceded to the exit, walking past the now armless Sarvaartha (apparently, 
he lost another match against Trewit). Atlak mounted his Clyft and ordered 
it to proceed to the Hylos Forest.
As he began to see the end of the Hylos Forest, a great rumble was 
heard that shook the groud. He had found the mighty Salabar at last, and 
what a sight he was.
Balasar was an incredibly large Pikatan, outsizing all of the other 
normal ones by at least 3 times. Even his mere breathing sounded like a 
tornado of immense size. Atlak began plotting and scheming of ways to 
conquer the immense beast. His best idea was to sneak up from behind and 
fasten vines around Balasar in an attempt to tame it. Atlak then dismounted 
the Clyft and prepared the supplies. Atlak waited until the beast fell 
asleep to start the capturing process. As he approached the sleeping beast, 
he grew frightened and ran. The memories of Mellor seeped back into his 
mind as Atlak burst into tears. The memory of Mellor ding in Atlak's own 
shaking hands was the most painful of all. Oh, how he missed his father. 
Atlak remembered his own tears falling on Mellor's face as he passed away. 
Just then, the green orb began to glow at the thought of the memories. 
Then, Atlak wanted more than anything to avenge Mellor's death. Mellor was 
right, the orb did radiate willpower, caused by deep love and remembrance.
Atlak then conquered his fear and summoned all of htis strength. Atlak 
knew that the chance of his own demise was strong, but his love for his 
father drove him on. Atlak fastened vines around trees and then fastened 
them to Balasar's legs so as that he couldn't pull free. Atlak moved with 
incredible speed to capture the awakening giant. Atlak quickly fastened 
more vines to boulders, trees, anything he could atach them to. AFter many 
hours of this, the weakened Balasar dropped to the ground, exhausted from 
strugling to break free of the vines. Atlak drew his sharpest knife and 
positioned it underneath Balasar's throat. No, this isn't what Atlak wanted 
to do. Atlak put his knife bck into its sheath and firmly locked it in 
place. After he finally captured Balasar, he wanted revenge so bad, but he 
couldn't bring himself to do it. He gazed into Balasar's eyes as Balasar 
gazed back. Then he realized it, he could take Balasar back to his home and 
train him there to ear a name for himself. As Atlak mounted his Clyft to 
head home, he thought of something. Only then, the name Balasar din't 
please Atlak. Then, Atlak had the most brilliant of ideas, Balasar's new 
name would be.......Mellor.
As the Clyft ploded into the sunset, Atlak was pleased on his success 
and on his new found prize. Atlak smiled as the Clyft rode into his 
hometown with his prize walking beside him. This was the day that Atlak 
became a man and conquered all in the name of his love for his father.

The End