... by the Pikatan. Atlak attempted to aid his father before being blown 
away by a gust of wind.

As Atlak regained himself, he saw the figure come out of the shadows. The 
Clyft who calls Mellor leader was fleeting over the nearest hill. It's cries 
were getting closer, it would meet the Pikatan soon. The Beast of which it 
was fleeing from rounded the horizon, creating death where the Clyft had been 
just moments earlier. Atlak made his way to Mellor to find that his walking 
limbs had been crushed. He grabbed his father's arm and stood, waiting for 
the Clyft. As it came into view once more, Atlak leapt onto it, holding the 
arm of his wounded kin. Mellor commanded it to run, and it did. But soon 
after the Clyft started running rocks were being picked up off the ground and 
tossed through the air. With the thousands of small rocks and pebbles 
hurtling at deadly speeds, it was inevitable. Two struck Atlak before a lone 
pebble slammed into Mellor's hand, sealing his fate.

"Father!" Atlak screamed with all he could.

"Flee! Quickly!" Were the last words his father spoke before being eternally 

Atlak spun his head around, hoping the Clyft would follow his commands. It 
ran harder than ever before, eventually escaping the Beast. When the dust 
had finally settled, Atlak returned to the site of his fathers' demise. 
Nothing appeared the same, everything floored. The Torpor storm had done 
it's work.