Atlak began to scream even before Mellor was trampled. Mellor unlike his 
spawn was already very aware of the situation. He had received the telepathic 
warning and was already prepared for the stampede of raging Pikatan. He knew 
all too well of the Pikatan aggressive nature and the dangers of being caught 
in it's destructive path. Atlak mind was screaming to him telling him he must 
do something but what? As he stood there helplessly he watched as the raging 
Pikatan charged Mellor. Mellor never losing his edge even with his age was 
very aware of the charging Pikatan, he dodged the raging Pikatan almost 
effortlessly it seemed and ducked into a nearby tool shed. Mellor mind was 
racing trying to tell him something but what, then a feeling of terror 
overcame him as he realized he had left his progeny in the field alone. Atlak 
seeing Mellor nearly trampled to death was just regaining self control when 
he noticed a dark shadow hanging about him. The raging Pikatan becoming even 
more enraged by losing his first intended target spotted what seemed to be 
Unarra trainer standing in the middle of an open field. Starting at a sprint 
the creature took off towards the Unarra intent on destroying it by any means 
possible. Reaching the top of the slope the Pikatan used it's powerful back 
legs to leap almost 30 yards in the air. Hoping to crush it's target with one 
mighty pounce the Pikatan braced itself for a thunderous landing. Mellor 
having lived a life of solitude for so long was cursing himself for leaving 
his spawn in harms way. Racing towards Atlak as fast as his legs would carry 
him he knew it was hopeless. Atlak mind was screaming to him to move but he 
had never been so terrified in his life. The Pikatan embraced the feeling of 
ecstasy it had come to know so well, the thrill of ripping into flesh was 
almost upon it. Mellor still racing towards Atlak screaming to him trying to 
connect with him telepathically through the bond his spawn and him shared 
alone. His effort seemed fruitless until he saw Atlak face, stumbling on some 
vines Mellor fell hard on the soil, lifting his head he looked on helplessly. 
Atlak having watched the trainers for long session knew he had only one 
chance to leap to safety and that he must wait until the very last possible 
nanosecond to do it but would he be able too he was not sure if he could even 
move an inch he was so scared. The moment the Pikatan had come to know so 
well was upon it, the ecstasy of the kill. It's pray seemed completely 
unaware of it's presence. As the shadowed outline of the Pikatan engulfed 
him, Atlak knew he must leap to safety. His mind racing and screaming for him 
to move he found himself paralyzed and helpless. At the moment of impact the 
Pikatan braced itself and was bathing in the thrill of the kill. When all of 
the sudden strong vines encircled the beast bringing it slamming to the 
ground mere inches from it's prey. Atlak breathed a sigh of relief as he 
jumped involuntarily away from the beast mere inches from him. Mellor looking 
up saw the trainers vines he and his spawn had been lashing together before 
the whole ordeal began bound tightly around the beast. Following the vines 
from the creature to the strong hands that held it fast he saw his oldest and 
dearest friend Tallic. Tallic being nearly twice the size of any Unarra was 
an impressive sight, his figure silhouetted against the Mantar Moon. He held 
the vines with strength born unto him alone that being the main reason the 
Tresed had relinquished him to apprentice status for so long. They feared 
that he would be able to tame all the Pikatan single handily providing him an 
army unto himself. By keeping him in apprentice status until he was too old 
to carry out such a plan was the only way to prevent that situation from ever 
happening. However it was never Tallic intention to become the sole trainer 
or leader of the Pikatan and even less to start a war. The nearby trainers 
rushed to aid Tallic taking the enraged beast back to it's cage between the 
five of them they managed to calm the beast down. Tallic reaching down aided 
his old friend Mellor to his feet and they both walked towards Atlak. Atlak 
finally gripping unto reality rushed towards Mellor with his arms wide open. 
Reaching him they embraced for all of a moment both apologizing to each other 
and forgiving each other. Tallic watching the exchange of emotions grew 
inwardly sad knowing that he would never be able to have a bond such as 
Mellor and Atlak have. Tallic being involved in a horrible accident only 
awhile back with an escaped Pikatan he wrestled to the ground bare handed 
that was rampaging through the city. Had lost his reproduction gland from a 
puncture wound he had suffered in the event and almost his life. After the 
injury he had been missing up until now. Why was he back? Where has he been? 
All these questions raced through Mellor mind. Atlak started thanking Tallic 
over and over again for saving his life which brought Mellor back to the 
present. Thanking Tallic for saving his progeny Mellor finally saw something 
in his friends eyes he had never seen before. A sadness that was born from 
the recent wound. Taking the thanks with as much enthusiasm as he could 
manage, Tallic took his leave almost as quickly as he had materialized out of 
thin air to save Atlak. Mellor realizing what had upset his closest friend 
embraced his spawn even more tightly as they took off towards their home.