Atlak began to scream even before Mellor was trampled. The psionic shockwave rippled throughout the area, and everyone within an area of three villages could feel the death of the elder. Atlak bounded over to the body, unheeding of the energy being sent out from the corpse, which was dispersing wave upon wave of potent telepathic energy. The young Unarran spasmed as its own psychic energy clashed with the subsiding pain of the lost life.

The lone Pikatan, still loose, charged towards Atlak, but faltered and let out a great cry as it came within an arms length of Atlak and the now lifeless body. Both the Pikatan and Atlak cried out together as the final wave of psychic energy was unleashed, and together they dropped to the ground.


* * *


Something was changed, all the elders agreed. Each had their own views on the matter. P'ontar thought they should have let the youngster die... so much pain. Atlak shouldn't have gone so close to the body so soon after death, P'ontar thought. Taelar wanted Atlak to regain consciousness to find out why the young one was still exuding so much energy; there was definetely something different this time. Taelar broke the silence.

"What are we to do? The young one has sustained too much damage, lacerations all over Atlak's body from the energy burst. We don't know if Atlak will ever regain consciousness..."

"Should we inquire into a specialist?" P'ontar queries.

"We can't do anything but wait. The time will come, and Atlak will heal." Danamar interjected. Meanwhile, the other three elders had been silent throughout entire meeting. Baltan, Moas, and Kan'tvi were always the quiet ones. Sitting, waiting patiently at the far end of the commons room. The Silent Triad. Always the final authority, always silent until their final decision.

"Keep him under watch." Moas ordered. And that was all. The others had no reason in objecting, they all knew this was best. The elders began to file out.

"I need none to watch me." Atlak mumbled, sitting up. The elders all snapped their heads to face Atlak's direction, astounded by the sudden recuperation.

"Atlak! Child, you are injured, rest now..." Danamar suggested. But, Danamar is waved aside as Atlak stands and stretches.

"I feel odd... where is Mellor?"

"Dead" Taelar announces, "And you ran right into Mellor's psychic field of energy as it was being released at the time of death... we don't know why you aren't dead yourself!"

"Atlak! Your wounds are healing!" Danamar exclaims, "All over your body!" and as Danamar was speaking, so it was happening. Atlak's wounds were healing before their eyes. Everyone in the room was shocked speechless as the wounds disappeared. None knew what to think, but they all knew that Atlak's inherent psychic powers had somehow manifest themselves in an entirely new form.