The Pikatan conspiracy.

-Upon its decent the Bukau mold gave spores, and the fights broke out as 
workers fell prey to the malevolent influence of the particulate. Watching this harvest 
and Knowing fullwell the Old Cavolon's Plans for this consignment of Bukau 
spores, Carnaval knew he must reach the labs to prepare the 2nd experiment.
The old captain watched Nox fade into the distance. When Nox
was gone, the elder Cavolon peered into the thicket, where it
knew a pair of eyes was watching, and nodded.-

The Old Cavolon Indeed knew something... Perhaps it was just a local,
who knew exactly what kind of potential the ger plant has. or Perhaps its 
was secret knowlege known only to the "Society of Boran". A smile curled the 
thin lips of the old Cavolon. He remembered his nephew Carnaval, such a potential for
for intrigue and such a natural talent for "the work" at the "Secret Labs".

- Other species have heard of secret labs that span the planet. It is rumored that the Cavolon experiment not only on plants, but on creatures and other sentient species. No one has been
able to document or confirm this. After the basics of biotechnology are learned, a Cavolon
is assigned to a lab where it will studies that lab's specialty then moves  on
to the next lab and so on. There is a lab in existence for every type of  plant known to the Cavolon. -

The gar plant was of special interest to "Society of Boran". As Carnaval pulled himself along the branch way, deftly using his tentacle  tongues to gracefully swing his form through the mists of the swamplands, He reviewed  the "Grand plan".

-Cavolon strategies and plans span many Salvod. Every Cavolon from generation to generation knows its responsibility in implementing its part of the plan. Carnaval was no exception to this cycle.
He knew full well his part in the grand scheme, and How important Indeed his  alliance
with the Unarra, and "High Claw" would be, in these schemes...

Travel......scenes...It had been two days travel to reach the UnArra continent,
and another two to reach "the valley".

"The Sacred Pikatan. Hummph.!"

"Of all the creatures, what is so sacred about the Pikatan anyway?" Atlak's 
scowl grew deeper and darker with every leap and hard landing of the Pikatan.

-Mellor was amused. He knew Atlak was acutely aware of "the what was so 
scared about them."

Mellor was a familiar sight to the groups of Unarra tending to the various
tasks of the day. His guard dropped if only for a moment,
and at that instant the Pikatan were arroused and running.
Most of the Pikatan were rounded up before any large
amounts of damage were done. Yet, one crazed animal, its
eyes rolling in its skull, careened forward with its strange
loping leaps, dodging all attempts at capture. Atlak's insides
churned, a mix of ice and painful heat as he looked up to see
a silhouette of a figure on a near-distant hill. Atlak began to
scream even before Mellor was trampled......-

Carnaval was stopped on the hill top by Atlak's scream.
"Hmm, it would appear I am remembered by the beast."
Mixed with the Ger plant, Bukau mold spores would produce wonderous effects 
upon other species. The Pikatan must be still under its infulence, or remember 
the experiment....

Atlak rushed to Mellor driving the beast away.
"Mellor, Mellor, ..!!!"
Mellor slowly raised his blooded head and brushed back the injured tenacles.
"Heh, Ouch, It is not, to fear my boy, It only hurts when i laugh."
"I know not what alis the beast, it seems to have lost its mind."

Atlak scowled again, "They are too dangerous to keep, and they turn on their
Mellor dusted himself off, and limped to seat himself upon the nearest 
"No Atlak, It is a reminder, and as a village spiritual leader,
You will one day know, It is a question of balance, Atlak. A balance of the 
respect and loyalty. This must be won and maintained with constant 
To maintain control, Unarra must maintain the "Pack hierarchy", with US
as it dominate leaders."
"Unarra look to the Pikatan to remind them of this truth.
As such they hold a sacred place in the Unarran theology."

"aye, Indeed I do know this", Atlak spoke as one who knew his mistake.
"Father, this Pikatan, re-acted not from Challenge to Authority, But was
lost into its own blood-lust and insanity, a beast bent upon revenge. "
Atlak turned to point to the hill top, "It was the appearance of that one, 
which caused the Holy beast to Rage." At that Atlak's tenacales stood straight up, 
almost a glow, and independantly pulsing.

Mellor cast a long look at the shadowy form on the hill top.
"Perhaps, but even a Cavalon has its place."
Carnaval, retreated to the backside of the hill, his shadow silently 
slipping into the tree line.

"I would love to see how long the "Beserker effect" lasts, but i must reach the labs before
sundown." Soon he would arrive upon city gate of the Karshan empire. Quietly 
the tenacled silhouette flowed from the tree line into the glade at the base of the 
Hills. The young Cavalon's Large tentacles tingled with excitement. Long had it waited for the 2nd 
phase of testing to begin.

The High Claw of the Karshan Empire has promised Carnaval, the pick of the 
barbarain captives for the grand experiments. Carnaval's appointment as inquisitor, masked his 
true work and provided The High Claw with many interesting insights into those that would oppose 
"the Glory of Glurg".

Authors note;
"I want to emphasize that any Imperial experiments
upon unwilling captives, firebombings of cities, or massacres of unarmed
opponents are of course done solely for the cause of Defending Civilization
from the evil evil barbarians.
I mean, spreading Civilization and Glurg Worship across the globe makes us
the good guys ;) " --High Claw

The experiments of the "Society of Boran" on other species, had yielded many 
unique substances. Not the least of which was the combination of Ger and Bukau spore, to 
produce a "Beserker effect." But there was still much testing to be done. The "Games" in the sport arena 
of Karshan, would be the highlight of the old one's research, These 4 new powders would be the 
wedge that the Empire needed to foil the plots of those dastardly Ask'rians and Lester, 
disbursing Yee to Artiarch. Hummmph.!! Indeed..!!
When what Atriarch NEEDS, is The Glory of Glurg, and the Civil guidance of 
the Karshan Empire.

"If only I had been allowed to speak to the Atriarch Anon. So much was as 
yet, unclear. Bah, mayhaps this consignment of Slaves will contain members of "LA MAIN 
NOIRE". They were so very violent when exposed to the new mixture. Truly the sport 
arena of Karshan was a stoke of genius, a lab disquised as an entertainment." 
Carnaval smiled unto himself, the Unarran Overlords of Karshan truly love the "Games". He missed 
the intrigues of the old Olva Labs. This was, it was, well... it was different. The feeling 
of recoginition from the Pikatan, after so long a period was unsettling. All for the greater Greater 
Glory of Glurg, he thought.  "One must push on. "

Stopping before the great gate to the city of Karshan, the Tyrsin guard made 
challenge. Carnaval stopped and took up the challenge in the traditional Cavalon 
posture of the quwiad. ( A Cavolon can quad wield, because you never know from which direction 
something will attack). This balanced defence, is why Cavalon are rarely attacked without extracting 
a fee from their attackers.

"Hold Cavalon, be ye a citizen of Karshan.?"
"Aye patriot, I am an emissary of the High Claw."
"show us the seal of citizenship, say then the holy words and pass."

Sheathing a weapon, Carnaval held aloft the seal of Karshan,...
"Hail Glurg, Glory be to Glurg."

The guards relaxed, and parted to let the cavalon pass
into the Great Fortress City of Karshan.
The emissary dissappeared into the office of the Eshlar's chief architect.