Write the Official Ending: Story Contest

We wrote the beginning of the Pikatan Story and the participants submitted their version of the ending.  Below is a list of all the entries, winner, and honorable mentions.

Winner:  Phinehas and Ysharros

(They entered as a team and will be splitting the points.)

The judges were four members of the Atriarch Writing Team: Joss, Min, Mythfit, and Satyric.  Below, they each chose some honorable mentions who will receive an extra Atriarch Point. Each Atriarch Judge picked their own honorable mentions.

Satyric's Honorable Mentions:

  • Herok and Camorandi, runner-ups to the winner (in the event Phinehas cannot fullfill his duty as Story Contest Winner, Herok or Camorandi will assume his responsibilities)
  • Berethron, for most confident introduction ('looming above all others')
  • Cox, for excessive brevity in the face of inspiration
  • Xalataer, for most dramatic dream sequence
  • Sterling, for inventing Atriarch Noir

Min's Honorable Mentions:

  • Thant & Herok, runner-ups
  • Carl S., for using the Pikatan as a character in the story
  • Glech, for use of the first person and for adding humor to Tallic's character (in Tallic's repetition of words)
  • Regarius, for the best frustrated 'parent'
  • Serevus K, best use of the Torpor Storm
  • Silvermoon and Zang, best use of military terms
  • Soralis, best 'to be continued' ending
  • Sterling S, best use of other fan's names
  • Xaltaer, best forgiveness of Tallic
  • Zang, best involvement of the entirety of Atriana
  • Thant, best use of a Voider
  • Herok, best use of words in Atrianese

Mythfit's Honorable Mentions:

  • BowentheKotoc, best use of an evil twin
  • Soralis and Mola-za-Puku - because I liked them, OK???
  • Zang, best representation of Glurg worship
  • Carl S., best use of alternative perspective

Joss Honorable Mentions:

  • Herok, The "Atrian Equivalent to an Olive Branch" Peace Prize
  • HellsChicken, the "Shades of Torpor" poetry award
  • Thant, best use of artistic license
  • Zang, The Cavolon Intelligence Agency's "Visions of Conspiracy"
  • BowentheKOTOC, Best Adaptation into Pulp Format
  • Cox, Editor's Award for Special Achievement in Brevity

Following are the names of people who participated including links to their submissions.  The submissions are posted exactly the way we received them... typos and all :-)  Some include the original story.  Some change the original story.  Some start off where the Pikatan Story left off.  Any comments sent in with the stories are also included.

If you did not give us your name along with the story, then the beginning of your email address is what is listed as your name, otherwise your nickname or first & last initial were used.  Enjoy!

Last Updated: December 31, 2001

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