Creature Sound Contest Results

Winners (links to the original animations are below):

Akandra - Synon
Akava Rock - Vorteks
Andol - Regeta
Appadill - Regeta
Ati - Anonymous (submitted by Herok)
Atok - Regeta

Honorable mentions:
Akandra - Jason McGinn: "Very cool sound .. is it a  motorcycle? Makes for possibly a nice roar!"
Andol - Synon: "Awesome sound, but maybe more appropriate for a different creature...."

The entries were judged by, MRI, Atriarch's Lead Composer and Sound Designer.  Each winning entry recieves 3 Atriarch points and each  honorable mention 1. Each entry, regardless of whether they won or not, also recieved 25 Atrios points.

Creature Sound Contest Info (Original Instructions)

Contest Ends: Friday, May 7, 2001 (no completed, see winners above)

Goal: to create a sound that you think the assigned creature would make (there are 6 different creatures)

Judge: MRI, Atriarch's Lead Sound Designer and Composer will judge the entries

Awards: The winner for each site will receive 3 Atriarch Points. That is a total potential winning of 18 Atriarch points. Every person who participates will receive 25 Atrios points per entry with a maximum of one entry per site.


  • You can only submit a sound once across all sites.
  • Submit your sound directly to the site, not to World Fusion
  • The sound must be original. No copywritten sounds!
  • You can submit .wav or .mp3 files.
  • If I forgot any rules, I reserve the right to change them later and retroactively.

The six creature animations used in the contest are the following:

Atok: Atriarch La Source
Ati: Crossroads of Atriana
Akandra: Atriarch Stratics
Akava Rock: Atriarch Vault
Appadill: Gameznet Atriarch
Andol: Ends of Atriana

If you have any questions, please email: 

Good luck and have fun!

Last Updated: December 31, 2001

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